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Website Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation, & Google Paid Ads

Website marketing is the optimisation and strategic use of your website to attract new customers and grow your business. We have years of experience providing website marketing for small business, including trades, professionals, service providers, and specialty shops

Our campaigns are most focus on increasing the website’s “findability” on the Google, or SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a process that takes the content of your website and optimises it for ranking on Search Engine Results Pages.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google Organic Search are Google free listings just below the top Google Paid Ads, and Local Map, when you do a Google search. It’s very competitive as all your competitors are striving for a top free listing.

Organic Search

Without a first page listing in Google, you miss out on potential business. This is a big challenge facing small business.

Your website must not only look good, but it also needs to meet Google Standards to ensure top listing in Google Organic free ads

We have years of experience providing local search for small business, including trades, professionals, service providers, and specialty shops.When you engage us to setup your Organic Search, we spend time discussing your business, products, and services, including:

  • Analysis of your products or services
  • In-depth analysis of your key competitors and their SEO strategies
  • Creation of SEO enhanced landing pages, page titles, and keyword rich content targeting your services and products. As we know Google expects you to earn your first page listing!
  • Compliance with Google Organic Listing standards and consistency throughout your website and Google My Business
  • Ensure your website meets Google’s frequently changing quality standards which they rate out of 10, with 10 being their highest standard

Google Organic is free, so if your Organic Search is set up correctly, you may not need Paid Ads

Our SEO & Google Ads Package Services include the following:

  • Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO / Google FREE listings).
  • We create effective landing pages, page titles, and keyword rich content – it takes time, no one can push Google along on this, but if done right your pages will rank top-of-the page for your selected keywords. And remember Google Organic is free!
  • Google Ads means there is a small cost each time a searcher clicks your ad.
  • We create and manage Google Ad Campaigns for you through researching cost effective keywords and studying your competitors strategies.
  • When we build your website, we test it to ensure each page receives a high Google-Quality-Score, ensuring you pay the lowest bid price for your selected keywords.
  • We fine tune Google My Business for local business, where-ever your business is located in Australia.
  • Your traffic and Google spend is analysed daily, weekly and monthly to ensure results are profitable and within your daily budget. You will always know exactly what it is costing you day-by-day.
  • So, why go to a third party provider, when we can give you a more personalised service at a fraction of the cost!

We take a personal interest in promoting your business, with a focus on ensuring your online marketing is afforable and profitable

  • Organic and Google Ads standards built into the coding of your website, ensures high Google page rankings
  • Our servers provide a high level of security and speed, enhancing your Google website quality score, resulting in lower Ads bid prices
  • As your website developer, we have an in-depth understanding of your website coding, content, and design, enabling us to tweak your website and target the most profitable keyword phrases to suit your marketing budget and targets
  • Your campaigns are monitored and adjusted daily or weekly as needed to ensure they are profitable for you and within your spend limits
  • You can start with a small daily spend and monthly budget, extending your campaign in line with results

Google Ads campaigns should be closely managed and monitored

It is easy to break-even, or worse lose money on your Google Ad campaigns, for several reasons:

  • Not being aware of website enhancements needed to improve your Google Ad priority rating score, resulting in increased cost per click and lower ad-positioning
  • Bad keyword-phrase-selection, resulting in your target audience being too wide, with a high percentage of non-active clicks, leading to Google penalties and higher costs
  • Time deficiency, resulting in hit and miss management of your Google Ad campaigns, thus wasting a high percentage of your campaign budget

You will be amazed the difference it makes when your Ads campaign is set up professionally and closely monitored to ensure profitability.

Benefits of website development with us

Website Design

Mobile friendly website development at reasonable cost, customised systems to increase revenue and save time.

  • A unique design with style and font
  • 100% optimised mobile friendly
  • 100% SEO optimised for google
  • Domain and mail service management
  • Fast speed with secured server
  • Premium Backup Service, with three levels of backup – your data is protected and safe.
  • Extensive management and fast dedicated technical support

eCommerce Online Shopping websites

Mobile ready eCommerce shop, designed to convert shoppers to buyers!

  • Integrated stock list with spreadsheet or POS system
  • Multi-level buyer, with personalised pricing and discount levels
  • Integrated API’s, e.g. supplier feeds and shipping calculators
  • Discount/Promotion Options, including volume based, time-limited offers, and customised shipping offers
  • Loyalty Programs, and Gift Certificate management, with tracking
  • Secure Payment Gateway integration

Professional and Enterprise Websites

Increase enquires and website response with project galleries, testimonials, booking system, newsletters, and auto-responders

  • Web Application Development with customised systems
  • Picture galleries, feedback and auto-updated testimonial pages
  • API integration
  • POS integration
  • Event Management and Reservation System
  • Booking System
  • Newsletters system, with client database
  • Customised auto-responders

Trades and Small Business websites

Marketing oriented website to attract local enquiries and leads, and needs to be mobile friendly to keep your phone ringing

  • SEO optimisation for google local search (e.g. Google My Business, Google Map)
  • Gallery to showcase your services
  • Customised online enquiry and quote forms
  • Keyword-rich content to boost organic search engine ranking
  • Tracking and reporting website traffic with weekly or monthly consultation

Software & Web Application Development

Develop applications for Native web, iOS, Android and Windows to help you reduce business costs, increase flexibility and gain a competitive advantage

  • Data Recording and Tracking systems
  • Point of Sale (POS) and API data feeds
  • RTO integrate Booking System for registered training organisations
  • Online Booking System for events, expos, and performing arts

Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing

Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), including landing pages, page titles, and keyword rich content

  • Google Ads – Campaign management, for optimised keywords, high quality page scores, and reduced cost per click
  • Google My Business and Google+ for local business, where-ever your business is located in Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Darwin)
  • Google Analytics – full tracking and reporting of website traffic and visitor activities


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