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Why do I have to have a Registered Domain Name?

Your Domain name is your website address used by the Internet Domain Name System to identify your website on the world wide web.

If you are an Australian company your domain name will normally end with .au, thus designating you are based in Australia.

For example, URL: https:/

In the above example https is the protocol used when data is transferred over a secure connection, with the (s) signifying that the website is secure and safe to use (see SSL Certificate). http: no (s) is a site that is not certified secure and deters viewers from opening the website.

You pay a small fee to register your domain name with the domain registrar generally for two years, after which you need to renew your registration. For a business registration you will need to provide your ABN.

Registration for .com, and overseas registrations can be yearly and can be registered through an Australia registry.

We normally register and manage domains on behalf of our clients, so they don’t have to worry about forgetting passwords, not renewing on time, etc.

What is website hosting?

Websites are hosted and stored on dedicated computer systems known as servers. The host server is the link between your computer and the World Wide Web.  Without a website hosting server your website has no way of communicating with the outside world. The host server delivers your webpages on demand to browsers.

What is "Managed Hosting Service?

Managed Hosting Service providers offer a full service for both your day to day website issues, and as a liaison person with the host server.

For example, NOW Technology Systems servers are hosted in NEXT-1, a Tier-4 Disaster Recovery Data Centre in Brisbane CBD.

Our servers are monitored 24 hours per day. If your website goes down, or is not performing due to server issues, we liaise with the server technicians to quickly resolve the problem.

Website issues and day to day management of your website are not the responsibility of the Host Server. So, when you need help and support with your actual website they are not going to help, it is not their responsibility.

Managed Hosting Service costs only a few dollars more per month and provides full support and service for your website and hosting server. You don’t need to become involved with the technical side of your website or your host server. 

Your day to day issues and problems with your website, emails and/or Host Server are covered as part of our Managed Hosting Plan. You can relax and run your business.

NOW Technology Systems offers both Basic and Managed hosting services. Your choice.

What is SSL Certificate, why do I need it?

An SSL Certificate provides the means of securing and protecting data transfers, credit card transactions, logins, and personal information through high level encryption, thus protecting it from hackers and identity theft.

SSL Certification shown on your website reassures viewers their connection to your website is secure. It’s also a requirement to comply with the Payment Card Industry Standards for accepting online payments.

SSL pricing ranges from very cheap to extremely expensive depending on the level of security and protection required.

You need to ensure you select a reliable SSL Certificate provider, and not just take the cheapest available, plus allow for installation of the certificate, unless you have the technical skills to install yourself.

What support can I expect form a host server provider?

Basic Hosting service providers are responsible for your website availability on their server, they do not generally support day to day issues with your website.

They provide options for data storage on their server, backup service (important in the event of a server crash), fix server-side bugs, and update server-side software.

They must implement high levels of security on their servers and install measures against hackers getting into their systems.

NOTE: Server Hosts are not responsible for supporting the day to day issues with your website, i.e. non-server related website issues. Generally, your website designer provides ongoing support for your website on an hourly charge basis.

Can I cancel my subscription to your hosting service?

If you want to leave our hosting service, you should give us notice prior to the start of your next billing.

We will assist with the transfer of your website from our server to your new hosting supplier, but please keep in mind that by law, design services and proprietary systems are copyright to the designer and cannot be copied or transferred without written permission.

Your content, i.e. images, page copy, product information, images, and customer data can be transferred, and we will assist where possible.

How do you design my website?

You choose how we design or develop your website or project. Generally, we use WordPress or similar templates, enabling you to have a website with the latest features and technology available.

Our team are not only web designers, we have highly developed technical and programming skills in IT, including ASP,, PHP, WordPress, MS SQL Server, MY SQL, and MS Access, and much more, enabling us to resolve complex technical problems for our clients.

If your requirements are complex, and not available as a third-party plug-in, we can develop programming to meet your specific needs in any of the programming languages mentioned above.

What information do you need from me to get started on my website project?

Generally, we discuss this once you indicate you want to proceed, but the following will give you an indication of what we need:

  • Your registered domain name if you have one, and the access password
  • Existing artwork, logo design, or content helps us gain a better understanding of your business.
  • Your product or service categories
  • High quality images of products or gallery images (we will discuss this with you)
  • Comment regarding look and feel of your website, including colour choices if any
  • Current email addresses
  • Your business address, telephone number, and ABN if available.

How do I keep my website updated with my latest offers, services, etc.?

Your website will have a secure, password protected Admin Area, providing complete control over your content, including pages, images, tables, etc.

You can edit pages, create new pages, add delete products or services, delete pages, upload images and videos, change price lists, etc.

We provide training and support 7 days per week from 9am to 5pm, so you will never be stuck.

If you have an eCommerce website you will be able to manage all you website products and services, access all your online sales information, shipping rates, promotions, etc. and we are always here to help you when you need it.

How many Email accounts are provided with my website?

We do not limit the number of email accounts using your business URL, for example ,, etc, providing you are not spamming.

Do you provide email support?

Yes, as part of our hosting plan we provide ongoing support for your email accounts. Contact us if you need help or advice.

Can I link my website to my Blogs and Social Media accounts?

Yes, there is no charge to link your website to your social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Blog, etc.

Do you provide SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services?

Basic search engine optimisation is included at no extra cost when we build your website, such as Google Page Titles, Google Page Descriptions, and placement of relevant keywords.
We also provide low cost plans for ongoing SEO management, Google Ad placement, and in-depth analytics of your website traffic. Please call us for more information or click on this link:

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